National Geographic Education Maps

Many of our EEI units come with full color National Geographic California maps showing dramatic visualization of the Golden State’s physical geography. From satellite images to California’s energy infrastructure, these maps offer vibrant color with great detail.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Effective July 1, 2020,  the EEI Curriculum, including the National Geographic California maps below, were migrated to a password-protected SharePoint site. Here are the instructions for how to obtain access to the new EEI SharePoint site, for which you will need to have a Microsoft account (available to anyone). Contact us at if you need technical assistance with accessing the site.

Biological Diversity

A map of California showing climatic zones, biological diversity hot spots, and types of natural vegetation. The map also shows ocean habitats of Monterey Bay.


A map of California cities and towns.

California Tribal

A map of California that breaks the state up into: northwest, northeast, north central, south central, east, southwest and southeast. Also depicting what tribes live within each region. Inset of same regions, but showing Indian language groups: Algonquian, Athapaskan, Hokan, Penutian, Uto-Aztecan, Yukian.

Energy Resources

A map of California showing energy infrastructure, including electric generating power plants, by energy source.


A map of California and its different animals and habitats.

Human Geography

A map showing the geography of California, including patterns of migration, population change over time, foreign born population, and current land use.

Human Imprint

A map that shows the relative level of human influence on California's landscape, based on population density, land use, energy systems, and transportation networks.

Natural Regions

A map that identifies California’s natural regions and includes images of plants and animals that live in each region.

People and the Environment

A map of California showing human uses of the land.

View from Space

A map showing various views of California taken from satellite images.

Water for Life

A map of California's water sources.

Who Owns California

A map of California showing land ownership, by category (federal, state, county, and non-government).