EEI Curriculum Training  - EEI 101 Video

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This video provides a quick introduction to the EEI Curriculum. Learn about EEI's background and the State of California's vision for environmental literacy, the various features and components of an EEI Curriculum unit, and how the curriculum can be used to teach select history-social science standards to mastery, as well as support Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Presenters: Christy Porter & Wendy Weller
Length: 13 minutes
Subject(s): Science, History-Social Science

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Why should you watch EEI 101?

Get oriented to the features of the EEI Curriculum, before you dive into teaching a lesson!
We’ll walk you through a sample EEI Curriculum unit and you’ll become familiar with the layout and various components. Discover sample lessons, connections to California issues, and assessment methods.

Improve your practice
Discover how the EEI Curriculum can teach to mastery select history-social science standards, as well as support Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards. Our trainings will orient you to our CCSS and NGSS correlation guides and offer tips on how to use EEI Curriculum lessons to support the new standards with your students.

Get free EEI Curriculum units in print!
California teachers who view this video will qualify to order free EEI Curriculum units in print. All of our units come with classroom materials such as student workbooks and readers, and beautiful maps. It’s our way of helping you get started!