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EEI 101

This webinar provides a comprehensive introduction to the EEI Curriculum. Learn about EEI's background and the State of California's vision for environmental literacy, the various features and components of an EEI unit, and how the curriculum can be used to teach select history-social science standards to mastery, as well as support Common Core and the Next Generation Science Standards.

Presenters: Christy Porter-Humpert & Wendy Weller
Length: 45 minutes
Subject(s): Science, History-Social Science
Unit Featured: Various

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Using EEI to Teach English Language Arts and the Common Core State Standards

Join us as we explore the EEI biology unit Biodiversity: The Keystone to Life on Earth. In this unit students consider that biodiversity represented by healthy natural ecosystems is the basis for the ecosystem goods and services that are required for human survival. Learn how this unit supports the teaching of English Language Arts and the Common Core State Standards.

Presenters: Jill Simmons & Laura Walls
Length: 55 minutes
Subject(s): Science, Biology
Unit Featured: Biology, Biodiversity: The Keystone to Life on Earth

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