California’s 2016 Science Curriculum Framework References

Welcome to the Education and the Environment Initiative (EEI) Curriculum! You reached this page from a reference in California’s 2016 Science Curriculum Framework. Use the link below to access the EEI Curriculum materials mentioned in the framework.

The footnote references The Greenhouse Effect on Natural Systems, an EEI Curriculum unit that explores Earth’s natural “greenhouse effect” and how this mechanism creates a climate that sustains life. Students study atmospheric gases that function as “greenhouse gases” to absorb thermal radiation and learn how changes in the composition of atmospheric gases influence climate. Students discover how different natural processes and human activities produce these gases as well as the ways they are moved, used, and absorbed in nature. Students investigate how human activities affect quantities of greenhouse gases. In the last lesson, students apply what they have learned to an examination of policymaking and how scientific knowledge is just one of the factors that must be considered when making decisions about what can and should be done about global climate change.

The EEI Curriculum consists of 40 science and 45 history-social science instructional units that were approved by the State Board of Education in 2010. Visit the EEI Home page to learn more about the EEI Curriculum.