Replacement Strategy

The EEI Curriculum was especially designed to bring environmental content into California classrooms without placing an extra burden on limited teacher time. Because the EEI Curriculum was approved by the State Board of Education, you can confidently replace sections of your current textbook with the EEI Curriculum unit that teaches the same standards. See the Textbook Alignment charts for information showing the replacement content for the units.

The Unit Planner located in each Teacher's Edition has a textbook alignment column that identifies the sections of the current adopted or widely-used textbooks which you can replace with the EEI Curriculum. Watch the video to learn how to use the EEI Curriculum as a replacement strategy.

Image of the textbook alignment section of an EEI Unit Planner.

Textbook Alignment Charts

The Textbook Alignment Charts include the textbook replacement information for all of the EEI Curriculum units by grade or grade span (Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School). They can be printed for easy reference during planning. All of the files are provided in PDF format.

Early Elementary
First Grade
Second Grade
Third Grade

Upper Elementary
Fourth Grade
Fifth Grade
Sixth Grade

Middle School
Sixth Grade
Seventh Grade
Eighth Grade

High School
Earth Science
Tenth Grade/World History
Eleventh Grade/U.S. History
Twelfth Grade/Economics
Twelfth Grade/Principles of American Democracy