Benefits of Environmental Literacy

Everyone and everything is linked to the environment. From the air, water and food that sustain our bodies, to the countless technologies that aid our survival, we rely on the healthy functioning of natural systems to sustain us. California’s future prosperity depends on our ability to analyze, think critically, and make informed decisions about the challenges affecting our world.

In order to tackle complex environmental issues like climate change and drought, K-12 students in California must have access to high-quality learning experiences that build environmental literacy.  

Integrating the environment into classroom instruction not only helps prepare students to make informed decisions about California's future, but it also provides a natural and authentic point of engagement for learning. No matter where we live, each of us has a relationship with the environment, and teachers can tap into this deeply personal learning pathway as part of a high-quality course of instruction. Using this approach produces excited, motivated, and self-directed learners, who are more inclined to take on leadership roles, and, ultimately better prepared for academic and career success.